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C SubCategories
Cable Bushings; Cable Ducts
Cable Trucks For Drum Cable Equipment
Cable-Laying Machines And Equipment
Cables For Industrial Electronics
Cabling Systems
Calcium Nitrate
Calibration And Monitoring Devices
Candle Wicks
Car Shredders
Car Transport Services
Carbide-Tipped Paper Knives
Cardboard Boxes For The Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry
Cardboard Sleeves; Tubes; Rolls
Carpet Impregnation
Carpet Sewing Workshops
Carton Erectors
Cases; Sheathes And Bags For Musical Instruments
Cast Iron; Wear-Resistant
Caterer Fachdetailhandel mit Nahrungsmitteln; Getr?nken U Tabakwaren in Verkaufsr?umen
Ceiling Coverings Of Metal
Ceiling Panels
Chains For Motor Bicycles And Motorcycles
Chalet- and Holzbau Innenausbau
Chemical Oxygen Demand Cod Meters
Chemical-Based Building Materials
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Games and entertainment Miscellaneous Products
Chemico-Technical Hollow Glassware
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Maurerarbeiten
Chemische Industrie Grosshandel mit chemischen Erzeugnissen
Chemische Industrie Handelsvermittlung U Grosshandel
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Erzeugnissen aus Beton; Gips U Zement
Chromatographic Analyzers
Chucking Systems For Measurement Machines
Civil Engineering Equipment And Machinery
Clamping Systems; Modular; For Workpieces
Clean-Room Curtains
Cleaning Agents; Neutral; Alkaline; Acidic
Cleaning And Antistatic Treatment Of Computer Systems
Cnc Flame Cutting Services
Cnc Milling Centres
Construction and Public Works Metallurgy and Metalworking Public works Sheets and pipes
Crane Equipment; Hoists And Lifting Equipment; Electric Crane Switching Systems; Crane Controls
Crane Operations; Hiring Of Cranes
Crimping Tools
Current Meters
Curry Combs For Horses And Cattle
Customer Card Systems
Cutter Arbors; Work Arbors; Expanding Arbors; Chucks
Cycling Clothes
Cables With Heat-Proof Insulation
Cad Animations For Presentations
Calcinated Soda
Cams; Radial Cams
Cantilever Shelves
Carbide Milling Cutters
Card Index Lifts; Endless Chain Card Index Lifts
Cardboard Recycling Machines
Case Hardened Steel
Casement Windows
Caterer Detailhandel mit Milcherzeugnissen U Eiern
Catering Services
Caterpillar Tractors
Caustic Solutions' Removal Work
Cd-Rom Development
Cd-Rom Servers
Ceiling Dowels
Ceiling Formworks
Centre Lathing Companies
Ceramic Compounds
Charcoal Grills
Check Valves
Chemical Analyses
Chemical Products For The Printing Industry
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Cosmetics Pharmacy
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Food and Related Products Pharmacy
Chemicals For Cosmetics
Chemico-Technical Articles
Chemische Industrie Grosshandel mit Flachglas; Sanit?rkeramik U Anstrichmitteln
Children's Caps
Children's Slides
Chimney Blocks
Chip Inductances
Christmas And New Year's Cards
Chucking Systems; Continuous
Circular Knitting Machines
Civil Engineering Software
Clamp-On Probes
Clay; Also Burnt
Clothes Construction and Public Works Miscellaneous Products Public works Sport Textiles and Clothing
Clothes Fabrics and linen Textiles and Clothing
Cnc 5 Axis Milling Services
Cnc Machining Centres
Cnc Milling Services
Coiffeursalons Detailhandel mit Büchern
Coiffeursalons Pers?nliche Dienstleistungen
Construction and Public Works Household goods Wood and Furniture
Construction and Public Works Mechanical Engineering - machines Metals - machinery and equipment Public works Wood Wood and Furniture
Construction and Public Works Miscellaneous Products Public works Sport
Crystal Glass
Curtain Chains
Curtain Pleating Tape
Cylinder Head Processing Machines
Cable Fault Location
Calf Feeds; Milk Substitutes For Breeding And Mast
Can Filling And Sealing Machines
Car Polishes
Carbon Products
Carpet Yarns
Casings And Cabinets For Radio; Television; Phono And Video Components
Castors For Office Furniture
Caterer Herstellung von Konstruktionsteilen; Fertigbauteilen U Ausbauelementen aus Holz
Caterer Sonstige Kurierdienste
Caviar; Fish Roe
Cd Burners; Cd-R/Rw Drives
Cd Printing Equipment
Cd-Rom Databases
Cd-Rom Software Interfaces
Ceramic Tiles For Kitchens
Cermet For Dentistry
Chain Lubricants
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Mechanical Engineering - machines
Chemicals For Plumbing
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Hafner
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Sanit?rinstallation
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Schleifmitteln
Chemische Reinigung Herstellung von Oberbekleidung ohne ausgepr?gten Schwerpunkt
Chemische Reinigung W?schereien
Children's Shoes
Chimney Elements Of Stainless Steel
Chipboard Coated With Melamine Resin
Chipboard Coating Services
Chocolate And Chocolate Candy Packaging Product
Chocolate Manufacturing Machines
Chucks For Milling Cutters
Circular And Linear Guides; Needle; Roller And Ball Bearing
Civil Engineering
Clamping Jaws For Manual And Heavy-Duty Chucks
Clean-Room Systems And Technology
Cleaning Agents And Disinfectants For Agricultural Enterprises
Cleaning Plants For Printing Machine Parts
Cling Films
Clothes Fabrics Textiles and Clothing
Clothing accessories Textiles and Clothing
Cnc Grinding Services
Cnc Lasers
Cnc Machine Tools
Cnc Programming
Cnc Router Accessories
Coiffeursalons Parfümerien U sonstiger Detailhandel mit kosmetischen Artikeln U K?rperpflegemitteln
Construction and Public Works Public works Sport
Craft Wire
Cryptographic Devices
Curtain Accessories
Curtain Rails
Customized Plastic Packaging Products
Cable And Wire Rope Shears
Cable Connectors; Terminal Blocks
Cable Duct Construction Services
Cable Laying Services
Cable Protection Sheaths
Cables; Multi-Core
Calibration Services For Scales And Balances
Call And Time Recording Systems
Canteen Furnishings; Seatings
Car Audio Amplifiers Boosters; Equalizers
Car Body Repair Services
Car Parts
Carbide Dies For Bolts; Nuts; Rivets; And Shaped Components
Cardan Shafts
Cardboard Displays
Cardboard Drums
Cases And Containers For Valuables
Cashless Paying And Accounting Systems
Casings And Component Parts For Measuring Instruments
Cast Stone Figurines
Cat Litter; Absorbing Granules
Cd Accessories
Cd Packaging
Cd-Rom Integration Into Intranet And Internet
Ceilings With Water Cooling
Central Heating Boilers Fired With Gas
Ceramic Plates
Certification Consulting For Enterprises
Chain Conveyors
Chain Scraper Conveyors
Chalet- and Holzbau
Charge Dissipators
Chef's Knives
Chemical Construction Products
Chemical Products For Petrochemistry And Refineries
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Cosmetics
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Electrical and Electronic Equipment Electricity Energy Plastics Rubber and Plastics
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry Pharmacy
Cheminée- and Ofenbau
Chest Freezers; Deep Freezers
Children's Furniture
Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Church Windows
Cinematic; Video And Computer Animation; Computer Films
Clamping Devices For Cnc Milling Centres
Cleaning Of Containers; Stacking Boxes And Transport Boxes
Cleaning Services For Industrial Machines
Cleaning Systems For Glass And Computers
Cloakroom Installations
Clothes Miscellaneous Products Sport Textiles and Clothing
Cnc Jig Boring Machines
Cnc Lathes
Cnc Machining Centres; Horizontal
Cnc Turning Centres
Coiffeursalons Damen Detailhandel mit Bekleidung
Coiffeursalons Herstellung von sonstigen Erzeugnissen
Cable Development
Cad/Cam Automation Software
Cad; Standardized Software
Calcium Carbonate
Calibration Plates
Camping And Travel Trailers; Caravans
Canteen Catering Services
Car And Motorcycle Racing Parts
Car Blinds
Carpenter's Tools
Carton Erectors And Sealers
Cashew Nuts; Cashew Nut Kernels
Casings Of Sheet Steel
Castings; Finished
Caterer Herstellung von sonstigen Nahrungsmitteln
Caterer Sonstiger Fachdetailhandel mit Nahrungsmitteln; Getr?nken U Tabak in Verkaufsr?umen
Cd Business Cards; Digital
Ceiling Systems; Exposed
Ceramics Glass and Building Materials
Chain Idlers
Chain Sinkers
Chemical Pulp Cellulose
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Energy
Children's Gloves
Church Lighting
Clamping Cylinders
Clamping Grips
Clean-Room Clothing
Cleaning Agents; Ecological
Cleaning And Repair Services For Sanitary Installations
Cleaning Baskets For Industry
Cleaning Plants For Small Parts
Climate-Controlled Cabinets
Clock Cases
Clothes Fabrics Fabrics and linen Textiles and Clothing
Clothing accessories Fabrics Fabrics and linen Textiles and Clothing
Cnc Circular Grinding
Cnc Engraving Workshops; Cnc Engravings
Cnc Machining Centres For Aluminium
Cnc Manufacturing Engineering
Cnc Milled Parts Of Steel; Aluminium; Stainless Steel And Special Materials
Coiffeursalons U Kosmetikinstitute Kosmetikinstitute
Construction and Public Works Mechanical Engineering - machines Public works
Construction and Public Works Professional goods Wood and Furniture
Crane Modification
Credit Cards
Crude Oil
Cups For Dispensing Machines
Curtain Drawing Devices; Electric
Customer Relationship Management Crm Software
Customized Leather Articles
Customs Bureau Software
Cutlery Of Stainless Steel
Cabins Of Plastic
Cable Casings For Plug-Type Connectors
Cable Sleeves
Cad Software For Electro-Planning
Cad Systems For Printed Circuit Board Pcb Design
Calendar Clocks And Watches
Campingpl?tze Detailhandel mit Zeitungen U Zeitschriften Kioske
Campingpl?tze Kioske - nicht eigenst?ndig
Caoutchouc Processing Chemicals
Capacitors For Low-Voltage Current
Caps Headwear
Car Lettering
Cardboard For Boxes
Cargo Agencies
Cement Colours
Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures
Chain Conveyor Belts
Chain Systems
Chains; Necklaces
Chamber Drying Ovens
Chamfering Machines
Chemical And Mineral Colours
Chemical Deburring
Chemical Industrial Cleaning Services
Chemical Laboratories
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Energy Transport services
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Health - equipments and instruments Pharmacy Precision Equipment
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Papier; Karton U Pappe
Chemische Reinigung W?scherei U chemische Reinigung
Children's Furniture Made Of Solid Wood
Children's Skin Cream
Chiropraktik Physiotherapie
Chromium Steel Construction Services
Chutes And Helical Chutes
Cim Modules
Clamping Devices; Electromagnetic
Clasps For Pearls
Cleaning Agents For Vehicles
Cleaning And Polishing Cloths
Cleaning Installations For Natural Stone Surfaces And Fa?ades
Cleaning Machines For Parts
Cleaning Services For Technical Plants; Factory Shops And Machines
Climate Chambers
Clock-Faces And Watch Dials Made Of Precious Stones
Cnc 5-Axis Milled Parts
Cnc Drilling And Flamecutting Installations Combined
Cnc Machining Centres For Plastics
Cnc Plastic Processing
Coiffeursalons U Kosmetikinstitute Detailhandel mit Lederwaren U Reiseartikeln
Cubic Boron Nitride Cbn Tools
Cutters Manual And Automatic For Papers; Cardboard; Foils
Cable Clips; Customized
Cable Protection Conduits
Cad Training
Calibrating Equipment; Calibrating Systems
Canoeing Equipment And Clothing
Cap Fittings
Capacitors For Electronic Flash Units
Cases For Fishing Tackle
Cash Registers; Electronic
Casual Shirts
Caterer - nicht eigenst?ndig -Koch- and Haushaltschulen
Caterer - nicht eigenst?ndig RESTAURANTS: TEA-ROOMS
Caterer Detailhandel mit Waren verschiedener Art; Hauptrichtung Nahrungsmittel
Caterer Sonstige pers?nliche Dienstleistungen
Cd-Rom Network Integration
Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems
Centrifuges For Medical Purposes
Ceramic Coating Services
Cereals and grains Food and Related Products
Chairs For Hotels; Restaurants And Public Houses
Chalet- and Holzbau Herstellung von M?beln verschiedener Art
Chalet- and Holzbau S?ge; Hobel U Holzimpr?gnierwerke
Chalet- and Holzbau Treibhaus- and Wintergartenbau
Chamber; Tunnel And Belt Dryers
Chambers of Commerce
Chemical Plant Planning Offices
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Plastics Rubber and Plastics
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry Chemistry - by-products Fabrics Textiles and Clothing
Chemicals For Lacquer And Varnish Coagulation
Chemicals For Water Treatment Agents
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Verlegen von Fliesen U Platten
Chemische Industrie Grosshandel mit medizinischen U orthop?dischen Artikeln
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Gummi U Kunststoffwaren
Chimney Stove Pipes
Chlorine Gas Metering Devices And Systems
Chokes Of Copper Wire
Chucking Tools
Civil Defence Shelters
Clay For Tennis Courts
Clean Room Validation
Clean-Room Measurement Technology
Cleaning Devices And Cleaning Installations For Heat Exchangers
Cleaning Of Historic Interiors And Fa?ades
Cleaning Services; Technical
Clothes Games and entertainment Miscellaneous Products Textiles and Clothing
Clothes Leather and Shoes Miscellaneous Products Shoes Sport Textiles and Clothing
Clothing For Fishermen And Anglers
Cnc Cylindrical Profile Grinding
Cnc Milled Parts Of Plastic
Cnc Punching Services
Coiffeursalons Damen Steuerberatung
Creation Of Presentations For Enterprises
Creative Toys; Ecological
Crushed Gravel
Current Limiting Reactors; Choke Coils; Reactance Coils; Power Chokes
Coiffeursalons U Kosmetikinstitute Handelsvermittlung U Grosshandel
Communication; advertising and the media Marketing
Construction and Public Works Public works
Construction and Public Works Wood Wood and Furniture
Curved Sliding Doors
Customer Cards
Customer Relationship Management Crm
Cutters For Wood Working
Cutting-Off Machinery And Plants For Residual Rolls From The Paper And Plastics Industries
Cabbage And Vegetable Choppers; Vegetable Slicers
Cables For Home Electronics
Cables; Finished And Ready For Use
Cad Drawing Services
Cad For Mechanical Engineering
Cad Software For The Construction Trade
Cad/Cam Services; Consulting; Implementation And Sales
Cake Glazes
Campingpl?tze Detailhandel mit Waren verschiedener Art; Hauptrichtung Nahrungsmittel
Can Body Expanders; Automatic
Car Clutches
Car Mats
Car Rental With Driver
Car Wash Systems; Car-Washes
Carbide Indexable Inserts
Carbon Fibre Components
Cardboard Box Covers
Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard For Corrugated Cardboard
Care Additives
Carmelite Water; Spirit Of Melissa
Carpet Cleaning Products And Systems
Carrier Bags Of Plastic
Cases For Spectacles
Catenary Materials Systems
Catering Systems For 'Meals On Wheels' Services
Cd-Rom In Pc Networks
Cellulose Wadding
Ceramic Injection Moulding
Ceramics Processing Machines
Chain Blocks
Chart Magnets
Cheese Packing Machines
Chemical Plants; Used
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Communication; advertising and the media Construction and Public Works Electrical and Electronic Equipment Lighting Marketing
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry Mechanical Engineering - machines Plastics Rubber and Plastics
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Sanit?rkeramik Grosshandel
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Metallerzeugnissen ohne Maschinenbau
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Seifen; Wasch U Reinigungsmitteln
Chemistry Mechanical Engineering - machines
Children's Entertainment
Children's Underwear
Chilled Rollers
Chocolate Base
Christmas And Tinsel Angels
City Maps; Digital
Clamping Tools
Clean Room Ceilings And Partition Walls
Clean-Room Injection Moulding
Cleaning Devices And Machines; Washing Machines For Containers And Boxes
Cloth Badges; Printed
Club Caps
Cnc-Milled Parts
Coiffeursalons Sonstige pers?nliche Dienstleistungen
Coiffeursalons U Kosmetikinstitute Detailhandel mit Parfümerieartikeln U K?rperpflegemitteln
Cross Cutters
Crystals For Technical Uses
Customized Manufacturing; Different Materials
Cutter Grinders
Cutting And Punching Tools For Plastic Foils
Cuckoo Clocks
Customs Warehousing
Cylindrical Packings
Cable Conduits Made Of Plastic
Cable Guiding Systems For Winding Technology
Cable Measuring Devices; Cable Locating And Defect Detection Units
Cables For Industrial Field Bus Systems
Cad Application Software
Cad Layouts
Cad/Cam Free-Form Surface Processing
Calibrating Services; Calibrating Laboratories
Car Repair Shop Fittings
Cardboard Box Printing Machines
Cardboard Packages
Cardboard Sheets For Paper Design
Cardiac Monitors
Cardiac Stimulants And Remedies For Circulatory Complaints
Carrier Bags
Cartoning Machines
Cartridges For Ink Jet Printers
Carving Tools
Cases For Export Shipments
Cases For Tyres And Accessories
Caterer Fast-Foodrestaurants
Cd-Rom Duplication
Cellulose Films
Central Heating Wood Cook Stoves
Centrifugally Cast Pipes
Ceramics; All Types
Charging Devices; Charging Equipment
Chemical Analysis
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Herstellung von ?fen U Brennern
Chemische Reinigung
Chemische Reinigung Reparatur von sonstigen Gebrauchsgütern
Children's Vehicles; Children's Sports Vehicles
Chlorine Dioxide Plants
Chocolate Truffles
Cigarette Mouth-Piece Coatings
Citrus Fruit Concentrates
City Lighting
City Maps
Cladding Services Welding
Clamping Elements For Machine Tools; Construction Of Machines; Jigs And Fixtures
Cnc Gear Milling Machines
Cnc Punching And Shearing Installations
Cnc Turning; Milling; Boring Centres Combined
Cnc-Riveting Machines
Coiffeursalons Damen Detailhandel mit Sportartikeln
Coiffeursalons Kosmetikinstitute
Communication; advertising and the media Information services
Crash Barriers
Current Relays
Curtain Finishing
Curtains And Curtain Fabrics
Customized And Standard Components For Cutting Tools
Cylindrical Grinding Machines
Cable Conduits Made Of Concrete
Cable Conduits Made Of Metal
Cable Protection Caps And Conduits Made Of Plastic
Cad/Cam Services And Manufacturing
Cad/Cam Systems For Mechanical Engineering
Caoutchouc Floor Coverings
Car Body Parts
Car Parking Systems; Car Lifts
Car Rental; Vehicle Brokerage
Car Repair Lacquers
Carbon Brushes
Carbon Fibre Fabrics
Card Labelling And Encoding Systems
Cardboard; General
Carpet Shearing Machines
Carrier Bags Of Polyethylene Pe
Cartographical Institutes
Cases Of Wood
Cash Register Machines
Cash Registers
Cashboxes; Money Transport Boxes
Casings Made Of Sheet Metal
Castings; Ready For Installation
Caterer Detailhandel mit Fleisch U Fleischwaren
Caterer Detailhandel mit Getr?nken
Caterer Fischverarbeitung
Caterer Grosshandel mit sonstigen Nahrungsmitteln
Caterer Grosshandel mit Wein U Spirituosen
Cd-R Printing Services
Central Administration
Central Alarm Stations
Central Heating Boilers
Central Heating Systems
Chalet- and Holzbau Dachdeckerei
Chalet- and Holzbau Verlegen von Fussboden
Charcoal; Grilling Coal
Chassis Engineering
Chemical Pallets Cp
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Electric and electronic components Electrical and Electronic Equipment Electricity
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Cosmetics
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Verlegen von Fussboden
Christmas Cards; Painted By Disabled Artists
Christmas; Easter And Holiday Items Made Of Cardboard; Paper And Wool
Chuck Levers; Adjustable
Circular Saw Blades
Circulation Pumps For Transformer Oil
Civil And Underground Engineering
Clamping Bushings; Wearing Bushings
Classroom And Teaching Laboratory Equipment
Client-Server Applications
Clocks; Painted
Cnc Metal Processing
Cnc Pin Markers
Cnc Turned Parts
Cnc Wire Erosion Machining
Cnc-Stamped Parts
Craft Tool Manufacturing Machines And Plants
Creating Of Company Images; Graphic Services
Crêpe Paper
Crossing Gates; Automatic
Cubic Boron Nitride Cbn Mounted Points
Cable Trays Of Aluminium
Cad Construction
Cad/Cam Software
Campingpl?tze Vermietung U Verpachtung von eigenen Immobilien
Can Recycling Systems
Cannulas For Anaesthetics
Car Radios; Car Hi-Fi Systems
Card Indices
Cardboard Mailing Envelopes
Carpet Anti-Slip Linings Made Of Synthetic Fibres
Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Tiles
Carpet Yarn Spinning Mills
Carrying Cases For Computers And Computer Accessories
Cartoon Movies
Cartridge Filter Systems
Case Protectors
Cases Made Of Plastic Material
Cash Boxes; Counter Banks; Slot-Boxes For Banknotes And Cheques
Catchers For Lifting And Tilting Gates
Caterer Herstellung von Nahrungsmitteln undGetr?nken
Cathodic Corrosion Protection
Cd Labels
Cd-Rom Manufacture
Ceiling Coverings
Ceiling Lamps
Centre-Drilling Machines
Centreless Grinding Workshops
Centrifuges For The Chemical Industry
Chalet- and Holzbau Holzimpr?gnierwerke
Chargers For Propulsion Batteries
Chart Recorders; Measurement Recorders
Chemical-Pharmaceutical Granules
Chemico-Technical Apparatus Engineering
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Herstellung von keramischen Wand U Bodenfliesen U platten
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Kaminbau
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Industriegasen
Chestnut Purée
Chicken Meat
Children's Socks
Chimney Construction
Chimney Hearth-Backs
Chimney Rebuilding
Chimney Stoves
Chocolate Candies
Christmas Decorations
Church Restoration
Cinema Slides
Circular Grinding Workshops
Circular Saws; Combined With Drilling Turning; Shaping And Sanding Units
Cleaning And Sterilizing Plants For The Pharmaceutical; Technical And Chemical Industry
Cleaning Services For Escalators
Clock And Watch Crystals
Closing Force Measurement Instruments
Clothes Hangers
Clothes Leather and Shoes Shoes Textiles and Clothing
Cnc Bending Machines; Automatic
Cnc Sheet Metal Processing
Cnc Wood Working
Coiffeursalons Damen Parfümerien U sonstiger Detailhandel mit kosmetischen Artikeln U K?rperpflegemitteln
Cad Architects
Cad For Chemical And Power Plant Engineering
Calculation And Reconciliation Services For Water And Sewage Charges
Calculators And Calculating Machines For Schools
Call Centre Services
Campingpl?tze Reisebüros U Reiseveranstalter
Can Manufacturing Machines
Candle Holders
Canisters Of Plastics
Canopy Systems
Cantilever Plate Beams; Heat-Insulating
Caps Hats
Car Body Accessories
Car; Truck And Trailer Bodies And Superstructures
Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Machines
Carriers And Limit Stops Standard Parts
Cases For Coins And Medals
Cask Taps
Castings For Building Purposes
Castors And Rollers For Transportation Equipment
Catalytic Exhaust Air Cleaning Systems
Caterer Restaurants
Caulking Material For Shafts And Buildings
Cd And Audiocassette Boxes For Automobiles
Cd Players
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Heating Systems
Cement Injection Work
Central Lubricating Systems
Centre Drills
Ceramic Filters
Ceramics Processing
Cheese Making Machines
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Energy Energy and Raw Materials
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Mechanical Engineering - machines Metals - machinery and equipment
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Miscellaneous Products
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy
Chemicals Exports
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Fussboden; Fliesen U Plattenlegerei; Tapeziererei
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Herstellung von Metallkonstruktionen
Cheminée- and Ofenbau Sanit?r U Heizungsinstallation
Chemische Industrie Fotografisches Gewerbe U fotografische Laboratorien
Chemische Industrie Handelsvermittlung von Brennstoffen; Erzen; Metallen U Chemikalien
Chemische Industrie Siebdruck
Chimney Inspections
Chimneys Of Steel
Christmas Tree Stands
Circular Knit Textiles
Cleaning Machines For Repair Parts
Cleaning Plants For Machine Parts
Clock And Watch Components
Clock Movements
Cnc Drilling Machines For Steel Beams
Cnc External And Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machines; Combined
Cnc Machine Tools; Used
Cnc-Tooling Units
Coiffeursalons U Kosmetikinstitute Detailhandel mit fotografischen Artikeln
Cable Accessories
Cable Drum Winders
Calculation Software For Mechanical Engineering
Cameras For Medical Use
Campingpl?tze Herstellung von Karosserien U Anh?ngern
Candle Holders Of Different Materials
Canvas Fabrics
Car Aerials
Car Body Film Coating Services
Car Presentation Shows
Car Rims; Alloy Wheels
Carbide Tools For Wood Working
Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics Cfrp
Carpets Of Exclusive Special-Design
Carpets; Machine-Tufted
Carrier Bags Of Polypropylene Pp
Cartridge Seals
Cast Stones
Catalogues On Cd-Rom
Caterer - nicht eigenst?ndig Detailhandel mit Fleisch U Fleischwaren
Cd-I Production
Cellulitis Treatment Equipment
Central Processing Units Cpu; Industrial
Centrifugal Grinding Machines
Centring Instruments
Ceramic Products
Cereal Flakes For The Food Industry
Chains For Agricultural Machinery
Chalet- and Holzbau Einbau von Schreinerwaren
Charge Coupled Device Ccd Cameras
Cheese Making Equipment
Chemical Hoses
Chemical Imports
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Metallurgy and Metalworking Sheets and pipes
Chemicals For Boiler Water Treatment
Chemicals For Surface Cleaning
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von sonstigen chemischen Erzeugnissen
Children's Mattresses
Chocolate Moulds
Christmas Trees
Chromium Plating Services
Chromium Steel Tubes
Circular Saw Services
Circular Tables; Indexing Tables
Clamping Technique
Cleaning Agents For Oil Contamination
Cleaning And Polishing Cloths In Rolls; One-Use Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Plants For The Textile Industry
Clinical Equipment Transportation
Clinical Testing; Pharmaceutical Development
Clothes Clothing accessories Textiles and Clothing
Cnc Cavity Sinking Operations
Cnc Drilling Machine Tables
Cnc Laser Cutting
Cnc-Tool Grinders
Construction and Public Works Electrical and Electronic Equipment Public works
Crack Detecting Equipment
Crown And Bridge Materials; Temporary
Crushing Machines And Installations
Current Monitoring Modules
Cutting Machines For Diamonds
Cutting Mills
Cutting Tools
Cylinder Grinding Workshops
Coiffeursalons U Kosmetikinstitute Parfümerien U sonstiger Detailhandel mit kosmetischen Artikeln U K?rperpflegemitteln
Creative Furniture
Cryogenic Pumps
Cushion Cores Made Of Foam
Cutting Machines For Rubber And Plastics; Circle Cutting Machines
Cylinder Tubes; Seamless
Cured And Dried Sausage Products
Cut-Proof Gloves
Cutter Grinding Machines
Cutting Machines
Cutting Machines For Plastics; Paper; Cardboard And Laminated Sheets
Cylinder Locks; Special
Cable Lugs
Cable Ties
Cable Trailers
Cables And Lines; Free Of Halogen
Cables For Electrical Medical Equipment
Cad For Electrical Technology
Cad/Cam Programming
Can Openers
Candle Holders Of Metal
Capacitors For Fluorescent Lamps
Capillary Tubes; Cannula Tubes Of Stainless Steel
Car Rental Software
Car Trailers
Car Tuning And Racing Accessories
Cardboard Blanks
Cardboard For Disposable Tableware
Carpenter's Work Supraregional
Carpet And Velours Looms
Carpet Laundries
Cartridge Valves
Cases; Sheaths
Cash Register Systems For Municipal Administrations
Cast Pu Components
Caterer Gastgewerbe
Caterer Grosshandel mit Fleisch U Fleischwaren
Caterer Sonstige mit Sport verbundene T?tigkeiten
Cd Copies
Cd Development
Cd-Rom Drives
Cell Biology; Applied
Centrifugal Fans
Centrifuges For Solid-Liquid Separation
Cereal Products
Chain Scrapers For Sewage Treatment Plants Stp
Chair And Armchair Covers
Chalet- and Holzbau Zimmerei; Dachdeckerei; Bauspenglerei U Abdichtung
Changing Cubicles
Cheese Making Supplies
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Food and Related Products
Chemische Fabriken
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von chemischen Grundstoffen
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von Kunststoff in Prim?rformen
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von sonstigen Maschinen für unspezifische Verwendung
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von sonstigen Metallwaren
Chemische Industrie Rückgewinnung U Vorbereitung für die Wiederverwertung Recycling
Chemische Reinigung Detailhandel mit Waren verschiedener Art; Hauptrichtung Nahrungsmittel
Children's Foods; Baby Food
Chills For Foundries
China Figurines
Chromium-Nickel Steel Items
Chucking Systems For Tools And Workpieces; Pneumatic And Hydraulic
Cigarette Filters
Circular Blanks Of Precious Metal
Circular Dimension Saws
Clean Room Cleaning
Clean-In-Place Cip Systems For The Pharmaceutical Industry
Clean-Room Workbenches
Cleaning Devices For Cleaning Buildings
Cleaning Plant Construction
Cable And Connector Processing Machines
Cad/Cam Systems For Tool And Mould Construction
Cad/Cam/Cae Application Software
Capillary Electrophoresis
Car Cleaning And Polishing Products
Car Design
Car Ports
Car Wash System Accessories
Carbon Steel
Carpets Of Cotton
Caterer - nicht eigenst?ndig Restaurants
Caterer Reisebüros U Reiseveranstalter
Catering Trade Clothing
Caustic Soda Solution
Ceiling Edge Formworks
Central Clamping Systems
Central Locking Systems For Motor Vehicles
Central Vacuum Supplies
Centrifugal Films For Chocolates
Centrifugal Pumps
Ceramic Pipes
Ceramic Tiles Wall
Chain Drives; Sprockets
Chalet- and Holzbau S?gewerke
Chalet- and Holzbau Treppenbau
Chemicals For Perfumes And Flavourings
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von sonstigen organischen Grundstoffen U Chemikalien
Chemische Industrie Wasserversorgung
Chemische Reinigung Teppichreinigung
Children's And Baby Blankets
Children's Clothing
Children's Jackets
Chromatography Equipment
Chromium-Nickel Steel Processing
Cleaning Plants; Thermal
Client-Server Software
Cloth Dyes
Cloths Made Of Fleece
Cnc Routers For Metal
Cnc Spark Erosion Processing Machines
Cnc Tooth Cutting Machines
Cnc-Tooling Centres
Creative Writing Materials And Stationery
Cross-Cut Machines
Customized Tool Manufacturing
Cutter And Character Plotters
Cleaning Services For Ceiling Luminaire Reflectors
Cleaning Systems For Trade And Industry
Clear Pockets; Transparent Wrappers
Clothes Clothing accessories Leather and Shoes Leather goods Textiles and Clothing
Clothes Textiles and Clothing
Clothing accessories Leather and Shoes Shoes Textiles and Clothing
Clothing Fabrics
Cnc Cutting; Cnc Chip Removal
Crane Services
Crowns; Temporary
Cryptography; Scrambling
Cylinder Supports; Suspension Clamps
Cable Glands
Cable Tv Installations
Cad For Architecture
Cad/Cae Design Systems
Cad/Cim Services And Consulting
Call Centre Systems
Campingpl?tze Detailhandel Reparatur von Gebrauchsgütern
Canal Construction Equipment
Canned Fruit
Car Brakes
Car Radio Accessories
Cardiac Pace-Makers
Carrier Bags Of Paper
Caterer Dauerkulturbau
Ceiling Panels Made Of Solid Wood
Cellar Windows
Centring Clamping Systems For Cutting Machines
Ceramic Hobs
Ceramic Tiles
Chalet- and Holzbau Zimmerei
Changing Frames
Chemical Consulting
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Energy Road transport Transport services
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Chemistry - by-products Environment - machinery and equipment Mechanical Engineering - machines
Chemische Industrie
Chemische Industrie Herstellung von medizinischen U chirurgischen Ger?ten sowie orthop?dischen Vorrichtungen
Children's Games
China Consulting
Chiropraktik Gesundheitswesen
Chrome Plating Equipment
Civil Engineering Offices
Cleaning Agents For Industrial Washing Systems
Cleaning Cloths; Ecological
Cleaning Devices For Small Parts
Cleaning; Disinfecting And Degreasing Agents
Clearing Trolleys
Cloth Badges; Embroidered
Cloth Calendars
Clothing For Physicians; Hospital And Surgical Clothing
Cnc Profile Grinding
Cnc Turned Parts Made Of Plastic
Coiffeursalons Damen Herstellung von sonstigen Erzeugnissen
Coiffeursalons Detailhandel mit Parfümerieartikeln U K?rperpflegemitteln
Crank Handles
Cream Soap
Cream Whippers
Cut And Punched Parts; Medical
Cut-Off Saws
Cut-Out Leather Parts
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